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Robert Fraser, a Scotsman, arrives in Brazil and founds the Sociedade Anonyma Fábrica Brazileira de Alpargatas e Calçados that two years later is renamed São Paulo Alpargatas Company S.A.. It begins production of the Alpargatas Roda and Encerados Locomotiva brands, in the Mooca factory, in São Paulo.

The Alpargatas Roda brand is such a success in the coffee plantations. The Company lists its shares on the São Paulo Stock Exchange. The talent of the Brazilians from Alpargatas faces and overcomes the difficulties of a lack of raw materials, due to World War I, and the Spanish influenza that affected half of the employees.

In 1922, the Company exhibits its talent at the Rio de Janeiro International Fair with a full range of its products. At the end of the decade the economic crisis, triggered off by the super production of coffee and the collapse of the New York Stock Exchange, halts the production of Alpargatas Roda, one of the most accessible and popular shoe of Brazil.

The Company resumes the production of Alpargatas Roda and launches its first leather footwear. During the Revolution of 1932, the talent of the Company is called upon to provide knapsacks, tents and uniforms for the combatants.

The setting up of a pioneering social program demonstrates the concern of the Company in retaining its talents. This program includes a supplies shop, Christmas Bonus and payment for Sundays and holidays not worked, years before all this became compulsory. Brazil joins World War II: there is a lack of food and fuel, but the talent of the Brazilians from Alpargatas keeps up its pace of growth and pushes ahead.

With the launching of the Conga and Bamba Basquete tennis shoes, Alpargatas initiates a new era in footwear in Brazil. The country lives days of optimism, and the Company launches the Sempreviva canvas. Brazilian President Juscelino Kubitschek begins the building of a new capital in the country and the workers that raise Brasilia wear Sete Vidas footwear. In Sweden, the talent of the Brazilian soccer stars wins the firstWorld Cup for Brazil. Alpargatas sponsors the pioneering transmissions of the World Cup games by Rádio Bandeirantes.

Another sample of Brazilian talent is launched: the Havaianas sandals that were immediately a great success. In Chile, Brazil becomes bi-champion of world soccer. The Beatles enrapture the planet. The Hippies preach “peace and love.” And Brazilians incorporate Havaianas into their day-today lives, creating a success that captivates millions of fans.

The campaign “Shoed Children, Healthy Children,” a pioneer social responsibility initiative, is launched by Alpargatas. The Brazilian talent in football conquers the trichampionship of world soccer in Mexico. Brazil undergoes the so-called Economic Miracle Age and attracts world attention. The Company launches Kichute and the Topper lines as well as concluding the purchase of the Rainha brand.

The Company displays competence and talent not only in launching innovative products but also in its management: Alpargatas is awarded the Prêmio Mauá prize, sponsored by the São Paulo Stock Exchange and Jornal do Brasil, for its relationship with the capital market. In the economy, Brazil faces ups and downs and witnesses mounting inflation. Despite this, the Company grows and develops and is elected the best in its sector by Exame magazine. In São Paulo, the headquarters move from the Mooca neighborhood to Itaim Bibi. Alpargatas completes the nationalization process of its capital and launches the Night&Day canvas. New factories are opened in Campina Grande and Santa Rita, in Paraíba State.

The Company launches Havaianas Top and the international Mizuno brands on the Brazilian market. Another factory is opened in João Pessoa in the Northeast of Brazil. The Real Economic Plan puts an end to hyperinflation and places the country on the path to economic stability. In the United States, the talent of our soccer stars wins another World Cup for Brazil, the fourth. Havaianas sales hit an all-time record: a hundred million pairs are sold.


Considered one of the most important brands of the 20th century, Havaianas conquer showcases around world. Launching of Rainha's System 3000 technology and Topper's Dynatech Visible. Alpargatas Institute for Social Responsibility is created. In 2007, Alpargatas was elected "Company of the Year" by Exame magazine. To consolidate the market presence of Alpargatas sandals, Companhia Brasileira de Sandálias, which owns the brand Dupé, was acquired. To internationalize the brand Havaianas, and transform Topper into a global asset, Alpargatas acquires relevant stake of Alpargatas Argentina and opens its own operations in the United States and Europe. In December 2015, J&F Investimentos becomes the main shareholder of Alpargatas.



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