Environmental and Social Responsibility

In 2019, investments in training, development and education helped further improve the performance of Alpargatas' employees. Over 39,000 hours of training were given - initiatives that provided the development of successors and professionals from diverse areas - and over 22,000 hours of training were given to teachers, managers and technicians of education departments participants of the projects: education through sport and education through culture. The Alpargatas Institute celebrated yet another year of significant results. Its educational and sports initiatives benefited more than 169,000 children, adolescents and young people aged between 7 and 29, who had the opportunity to develop their schooling due to the Education through Sport, Education through Culture and Corporate Volunteering programs. 375 schools were served by the Education through Sport program and 350 schools were served by the Education through Culture program in ten cities in the State of Paraíba, one in the State of Pernambuco and one in the State of Minas Gerais. The total amount invested was nearly R$ 4.2 million in actions that included the training of physical education teachers, the remodeling of schools and the construction and maintenance of sports facilities, in addition to donations of educational and sports materials. To recognize the efforts of the people involved, the Institute also awarded students and teachers. A total of 3,770 students, 283 projects registered for the 2019 Education award, by teachers from all participating schools in the programs and 25 projects awarded in Educador Nota 10, all approved and published in the 35th International Congress of Physical Education. Alpargatas operates with a focus on preventing damage to the environment and health. Over the course of the year, the Company invested R$ 13.8 million in the adoption, continuity and expansion of initiatives in the Occupational Health and Safety and Environmental fields.

The history of the main HSE indicators is listed below:

Indicator Unity 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019
IFR (injury frequency rates) Acid./HHT x 1M 0.71 0.26 0.24 0.32 0.11
GFR (general injury frequency rates) Afast./HHT x 1M 6.50 2.75 2.43 2.18 1.24
Electric Power Consumption KWh x 1000 up 446 442 490 464 480
Water Consumption m³ x 1000 up 0.91 0.87 0.93 0.84 0.88
Waste Generation kg x 1000 up 52.6 53.1 53.2 48.1 52.3
Natural Gas Consumption m³ x 1000 up 20.3 22.1 23.3 22.8 20.6