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Compliance program

In 2021, Alpargatas structured its Compliance Program in nine pillars regarding prevention, detection and response to anti-ethical conduct or illicit risks in the Company.

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Anti-Corruption Manual

Alpargatas has created this document with a simple and accessible language to fight corruption acts, as a reinforcement to the guidelines contained in the Relationship with Public Officials Policy and the Code of Conduct and Ethics.


Within the Compliance risk prevention initiatives, the Company’s policies are essential regulations to guide best practices. They respect the local laws where Alpargatas operates and must undergo periodic updates and revisions. Check out:

Code of Conduct and Ethics

Reviewed in 2021, Alpargatas’s Code of Conduct and Ethics establishes guidelines and principles that shall be followed in order to guarantee that our interactions reflect respect to people, respect to the company, and respect to the society.

Compliance Helpline

Through this platform, Alpargatas stimulates that its employees and third parties report, anonymously or not, suspicions or violations to the principles and guidelines contained in the Code of Conduct and Ethics. In Brazil, the reports can be made by calling 0800 770 7791 or via website Abroad, the reports can be made in English exclusively via website