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What are the tickers of Alpargatas shares? Where are they traded?

Alpargatas shares are traded on the São Paulo Stock Exchange (B3)
ALPA3 – common shares traded on the Corporate Governance Level 1 listing segment
ALPA4 – preferred shares traded on the Corporate Governance Level 1 listing segment

What is the diference between common and preferred shares

Common shares grant voting rights at Stockholders’ Meetings whereas preferred shares do not.

How do I invest in shares?

To invest in shares it is necessary to contact a brokerage. Brokerages and other financial intermediaries have professionals specialized in analyzing the market, industries and companies, and they can give you information about the right time to buy and sell certain shares to have the best results. B3’s website has a list of the brokerages that operate in Brazil.

Before looking for a brokerage, however, we suggest you learn more about the subject on B3’s website. In order to help beginners, the São Paulo Stock Exchange has prepared a Basic Course on the Stock Market. There are three distinct modules, including exercises to test your knowledge.

  • Stock Market – Basic Course
  • Spot Market – Basic Course
  • Options Market – Basic Course

You can also trade shares on the Internet. To do so, you must be a client of a brokerage of B3 that has the Home Broker system, which allows you to trade shares on the Internet.

How do I receive dividends?

Dividends and/or Interest on Capital can be received through credit in a checking account of any banking institution belonging to the clearing system. If the stockholder does not have a bank account, their rights may be received through Banco Itaú’s branch network. To this end, the stockholder should go to the nearest branch bearing their personal documents (CPF and RG) and the notice for the receipt of proceeds (received via postal service).

Who do I need to speak to if I don't receive the payment of dividends to which I am entitled?

You should go to one of the branches of the custodian bank, Banco Itaú, or call the Stockholder Services Centre:
Capital cities and metropolitan areas: +55 11 3003-9285
Other locations: 0800-7209285
Service hours on business days from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Specialized branches:

The branches specialized in services to the capital market are listed below.

Specialized Agency in Rio de Janeiro
R. Sete de Setembro, 99 – Underground
Centro – Rio de Janeiro/RJ
CEP: 20050-005

Specialized Agency in São Paulo
R. Boa Vista, 176 – 1 Underground
Centro – Sao Paulo/SP
CEP: 01092-900

Investfone – Shareholders Call Center:
Capitals and metropolitan regions: 11 3003-9285
Other cities and regions: +55 11 0800 720 8285

If you have an Itaú account you can access your account on Non-account holders of Itaú can access the information provided by the website of Itaú Brokerage:, by signing up.

How can I check my stockholding position?

Your stockholding position may be requested at the Stockholder Service Centre or at any of the branches of Banco Itaú. This information will be exclusively provided to:

  • the stockholder himself bearing their Identity Card (RG) or Individual Taxpayer’s Registry Card (CPF); or
  • a duly recognized proxy, with a power of attorney, and bearing their Identity Card (RG) and Individual Taxpayer’s Registry Card (CPF).

Consult your stockholding position on the Internet

The main information for the control of your investments is available on the Internet: stockholding position, statements of transactions, payment notices, statements of earnings and subscription warranties. Itaú is our underwriter responsible for guarding, updating transactions, making the payment of dividends and also, serving you, Alpargatas’ stockholder. Therefore, for you to monitor your stockholding position, Itaú makes available the following channels:

  • if you are not a current account holder at Banco Itaú, you can make a consultation with total security through Itaú Corretora. Please access, choose the tab “Non-current account holder” > I want to register, and follow the instructions.
  • if you are a current account holder at Itaú, please Access your account on In the Current Account Menu, you will find the Statement of Earnings and, in the Investments Menu, you will find other information on your Shares Underwritten by Itaú.

The lack of a stock balance in Itaú’s records may be due to the fact that these shares have already been sold or transferred to the custody of a stock exchange/CBLC. In this case, the stockholders should contact their broker.

How do I update my registration information?

To update your registration information, please go to one of the branches of the custodian bank – Banco Itaú. To update the information, stockholders must provide notarized copies of their Identity Card (RG), Individual Taxpayer’s Registry Card (CPF), proof of residence and, if necessary, proof of a checking account.

How and where Alpargatas disclose its information?

All material facts, earnings releases and other notices to the market are simultaneously disclosed to the Brazilian Securities and Exchange Commission (CVM) and B3 and on the investors’ section of the Company’s website, and subsequently forwarded by email to people who registered to receive such information. To register, please click here. The complete financial statements are published annually in the Official Gazette of the State of São Paulo and in the Valor Econômico newspaper (São Paulo). Quarterly financial statements, press releases, presentations, material facts and notices to stockholders are available on the investors’ section of Alpargatas’ website. Further information about the Company can also be found on the websites of the São Paulo Stock Exchange and the Brazilian Securities and Exchange Commission.

How can I contact Alpargatas' Investor Relations Department?

Address: Av. das Nações Unidas, 14.261, 9th, 10th and 11th floors – Vila Gertrudes, São Paulo – SP
CEP: 04794-000
Email: [email protected]